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About Us

Fadumo’s Miracle Hair was founded by a mother daughter duo, who struggled to find a product that not only tackles common hair issues but is also 100% Natural.

We researched herbs and spices which aid in hair growth and were overjoyed to find the abundance of herbs that promote hair health. Our hair masque contains herbs such as: Black seed, Rosemary, Fenugreek, Peppermint, Lavender, Rosebuds, Hyacinth and Clove. We devised a plan to put together a unique blend of herbs that could tackle common hair issues from dandruff to thinning, lacklustre hair. After using our hair masque ourselves, our family and friends would not stop asking what we’d used, we shared our hair masque with them and they were amazed with the results they’d received in such a short amount of time. It then became evident that this was a no brainer, we had to share this with the community and eventually put our hair masque on the market.

We named our hair masque Fadumo’s Miracle Hair Masque because the before and after photos and reviews we received from customers who suffered from alopecia, hormonal hair loss and fungal infections where outstanding, miracle is indeed fitting for our masque. So, join our community of hair revival and revive your roots, with Fadumo’s Miracle Hair, today!



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